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How to Participate

On February 16, Oklahomans will come together to pray for our leaders, for our upcoming legislative session and for all in our state to thrive. In this time of division, we will choose to be UNITED in prayer. In this time of isolation and distance, we will come TOGETHER in spirit.

1. Read and sign the Release Form. (We can’t use your video without it!)

Release Form

2. Before making your video, review our Helpful Tips below.

3. Record your video.


Record yourself (or have someone record you) with your phone in the LANDSCAPE (sideways) position. ​In your own words and in approximately 2 minutes or less, please tell us:

Then answer these questions in your own words.

4. Upload your video by JANUARY 30 using the link below.

Upload Video

Helpful Tips

Thank you for participating, and make sure to submit your Release Form and register online for the February 16 event!

Oklahomans Talk About Prayer

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on prayer for our February 16 event. Please understand that while we will do our best to include as many individuals as possible, we will be limited by time so not every submission will be included. Deadline for submissions is Saturday, January 30, and videos should not exceed approximately 2 minutes.